Your interior is never complete without the finishing touches. Finish of your bedroom decor with timeless accessory furniture. All furnished accessories are available in all the Henson Design fabrics.

choice of fabrics

  • Board Liver
    Board Liver
  • Board Espresso
    Board Espresso
  • Board Lightgrey
    Board Lightgrey
  • Board Grey
    Board Grey
  • Board Darkgrey
    Board Darkgrey
  • Board Graphite
    Board Graphite
  • Board Beige
    Board Beige
  • Board Lightblue
    Board Lightblue
  • Board Mint
    Board Mint
  • Board Yellow Pastel
    Board Yellow Pastel
  • Excalibur White
    Excalibur White
  • Excalibur Liver
    Excalibur Liver
  • Excalibur Brown
    Excalibur Brown
  • Excalibur Grey
    Excalibur Grey
  • Excalibur Graphite
    Excalibur Graphite
  • Excalibur Black
    Excalibur Black
  • Excalibur Lightblue
    Excalibur Lightblue
  • Excalibur Red
    Excalibur Red
  • Baltimore Ecru
    Baltimore Ecru
  • Baltimore Sand
    Baltimore Sand
  • Baltimore Liver
    Baltimore Liver
  • Baltimore Brown
    Baltimore Brown
  • Baltimore Lightgrey
    Baltimore Lightgrey
  • Baltimore Darkgrey
    Baltimore Darkgrey
  • Baltimore Black
    Baltimore Black
  • Argentina Lightgrey
    Argentina Lightgrey
  • Argentina Charcoal
    Argentina Charcoal
  • Argentina Darkbrown
    Argentina Darkbrown
  • Argentina Grey
    Argentina Grey
  • Argentina Ivory
    Argentina Ivory
  • Argentina Mustard
    Argentina Mustard
  • Argentina Navy
    Argentina Navy
  • Argentina Taupe
    Argentina Taupe
  • Jazz Anthracite
    Jazz Anthracite
  • Jazz Cappuccino
    Jazz Cappuccino
  • Jazz Darkbrown
    Jazz Darkbrown
  • Jazz Ivory
    Jazz Ivory
  • Jazz Lightgrey
    Jazz Lightgrey
  • Jazz Natural
    Jazz Natural
  • Jazz Navy
    Jazz Navy
  • Jazz Onyx
    Jazz Onyx
  • Kiss Blue
    Kiss Blue
  • Kiss Brown
    Kiss Brown
  • Kiss Ecru
    Kiss Ecru
  • Kiss Graphite
    Kiss Graphite
  • Kiss Grey
    Kiss Grey
  • Kiss Stone
    Kiss Stone
  • Kiss White
    Kiss White
  • Kiss Jungle
    Kiss Jungle
  • Camelot White
    Camelot White
  • Camelot Sand
    Camelot Sand
  • Camelot Taupe
    Camelot Taupe
  • Camelot Brown
    Camelot Brown
  • Camelot Anthracite
    Camelot Anthracite
  • Camelot Black
    Camelot Black
  • Camelot Navy
    Camelot Navy
  • Camelot Red
    Camelot Red
  • Radar Darkbrown
    Radar Darkbrown
  • Radar Grey
    Radar Grey
  • Radar Lightgrey
    Radar Lightgrey
  • Radar Navy
    Radar Navy
  • Radar Sand
    Radar Sand
  • Tony Red
    Tony Red
  • Tony Blue
    Tony Blue
  • Tony Grey
    Tony Grey
  • Tony Black
    Tony Black
  • Tony Liver
    Tony Liver
  • Tony Taupe
    Tony Taupe
  • Tony Choco
    Tony Choco
  • Tony Darkbrown
    Tony Darkbrown
  • Tony Sandgrey
    Tony Sandgrey
  • Tony Sand
    Tony Sand
  • Tony White
    Tony White
  • Tony Snowwhite
    Tony Snowwhite
  • Adore Steel
    Adore Steel
  • Adore Anthracite
    Adore Anthracite
  • Adore Coffee
    Adore coffee
  • Adore Cognac
    Adore Cognac
  • Adore Hunter
    Adore Hunter
  • Adore Niagara
    Adore Niagara
  • Adore Blush
    Adore Blush
  • Unit Stone
    Unit Stone
  • Unit Taupe
    Unit Taupe
  • Unit Lightgrey
    Unit Lightgrey
  • Unit Darkgrey
    Unit Darkgrey
  • Unit Darkgrey
    Unit Darkgrey
  • Unit Blossom
    Unit Blossom
  • Unit Aqua
    Unit Aqua
  • Unit Darkblue
  • Rio Sand
    Rio Sand
  • Rio Darkbrown
    Rio Darkbrown
  • Rio Lightgrey
    Rio Lightgrey
  • Rio Sandgrey
    Rio Sandgrey
  • Rio Darkgrey
    Rio Darkgrey
  • Rio Graphite
    Rio Graphite
  • Rio Navy
    Rio Navy
  • Kansas Sand
    Kansas Sand
  • Kansas Taupe
    Kansas Taupe
  • Kansas Brown
    Kansas Brown
  • Kansas Darkgrey
    Kansas Darkgrey
  • Kansas Black
    Kansas Black
  • Page Taupe
    Page Taupe
  • Page Chocolate
    Page Chocolate
  • Page Cognac
  • Page Army
    Page Army
  • Page Hunter
    Page Hunter
  • Page Eucalyptus
    Page Eucalyptus
  • Page Niagara
    Page Niagara
  • Page Zinc
    Page Zinc
  • Page Anthracite
    Page Anthracite


    • Metaal Hoek Chrome
      metal corner chrome
    • Metaal Hoek Koper
      metal corner copper
    • Metaal Hoek Zwart
      metal corner black
    • Conical Chrome
      metal conical chrome
    • Conical Koper
      metal conical copper
    • Conical Zwart
      metal conical black
    • Henson
    • Nordic
    • Eiken Hoek
      Oak corner leg
    • Colonial
    • Hoek Alu
      corner Alu
    • Hoek Natuur
      corner natural
    • Hoek Wengé
      corner Wengé
    • Hoek Zwart
      corner black
    • Rond Alu
      Round Alu
    • Rond Natuur
      Round Natur
    • Rond Wengé
      Round Wengé
    • Rond Zwart
      Round black
    • Vierkant Alu
      square Alu
    • Vierkant Natuur
      square Natur
    • Vierkant Wengé
      square Wengé
    • Vierkant Zwart
      square schwarz


      Nightstand Polyether
      Nightstand Bastia
      Nightstand Bolero
      Nightstand Hilton 2
      Nightstand Hilton 3
      Nightstand Mariott
      Marriot XL
      Nightstand Mariott XL
      • Marriot
      • Marriot XL
      • Nightstand Polyether
      • Nightstand Bastia
      • Nightstand Bolero
      • Nightstand Hilton 2
      • Nightstand Hilton 3
      • Bolster
      • Trunk
      • Footstool
      • Marriot

        Nightstand Mariott
      • Marriot XL

        Nightstand Mariott XL
      • Marriot
      • Marriot XL